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The Toronto Anti-Racism Lawyer Coalition (TARLC) is an organization that shares a commitment to equality, justice, and equal rights for all individuals. Universal freedoms, liberties, and justice for all are the principals at the heart of TARLC. Our members have nobly advocated for marginalized individuals and communities without a strong voice, by challenging unconstitutional laws and practices, and pursuing meaningful change.

Who Are We?

The Toronto Anti-Racism Lawyer Coalition (TARLC) is dedicated to eradicating race and colour discrimination in all its forms. Our team of experienced legal professionals is equipped with the knowledge and passion necessary to champion the rights of individuals who have faced racial discrimination. We believe that every human being deserves equal protection under the law and beyond.

Why hire TARLC?

The Toronto Anti-Racism Lawyer Coalition (TARLC) is united in our stance for universal rights and freedoms for all of humanity. We are local lawyers coalescing in our pursuit to investigate, authenticate and remediate various forms of systemic race based discrimination, racism, and prejudicial behaviour occurring at various levels of the Toronto community and beyond.

Our Services

Comprised of diverse legal professionals within the Toronto community, the TARLC provides innovative solutions to serious racial issues and controversies. United by our passion for fundamental freedoms, clients can rest assured that their cases will be handed with the utmost amount of care and empathy.

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[vc_custom_heading text=”TARLC members have successfully applied the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to unjust racial treatment and systematic issues of discrimination within the Ontario justice system, and received compensation for aggrieved parties.